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the ice princess has arrived
challenges are always fun
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24th-May-2009 02:45 pm - UPDATES

i'm lazy...so im gonna post my rlly old rants from deviant art then actually update...i have to do some stupid mobile about stephen hawking for science thats due on wednesday...AND OH MY GOD I HAVE TO MAKE A PRETTY PRETTY COVER FOR MY OTHER SCIENCE PROJECT
23rd-Apr-2009 06:36 pm - DOOOODDDD
oh yeahs...havent been here in forever...coz noone reads this...but anyways...imma start going on here more bcoz all these amazing people are here doing all this amazing stuff...and all my cracktastic fandoms are here...so yeah...found out that i somehow have a plus account nd im learning how to use the admin console to make some awesomme haxxors.....XDDDDD...KGOTBODA NAMJA MOOD THEME!!!!!!!!!!

yeahs...got to go to (gayass) karate...so BYE!
21st-Aug-2008 11:43 pm - First Post!!!!!
Yay!!!! I'm a n00b here!! I hope to have fun and meet new people!
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